Empowering clients during the design phase for a successful chatbot solution delivery

U-Hopper uses Botsociety to develop chatbot conversation prototypes and bring their clients' ideas on stage.

U-Hopper bot example

Botsociety allows us to be fast and flexible during the design phase. Thanks to its intuitive and friendly interface, we are able to easily collect feedback and insights from our clients and, in this way, be sure that the solution we are going to develop is fully in line with their expectations.

Rossana Bartolacelli, UX Designer at U-Hopper Srl

One of the main challenges faced by U-Hopper, a deep-tech company developing Big Data Analytics and IoT solutions in the heart of the Dolomites, is ensuring that the conversational interface solution fully reflects the clients' ideas and yet remains easy to use for end-users. U-Hopper decided to take advantage of Botsociety's design suite to easily create interactive prototypes and speed up the iterative co-design process at the very heart of its operations. Thanks to Botsociety, clients get easily engaged in the design process and are able to validate their ideas, try out the user journey and also leave comments for improvement. Also, given the perfect resemblance to all major messaging platforms, all mock-ups build with Botsociety are directly used during early-stage usability tests with real end-users to gather even more insights.

Location Trento, Italy
Industry Informatics - Big Data Analytics, IoT

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