Improving the student experience through caring technology

Optania built an AI assistant called VIGO to assist students all across Quebec.Optania built an AI assistant called VIGO to assist students all across Quebec.

“With Botsociety, we are now able to start by writing the conversation paths and testing it. Then, we can iterate fast over the content before integrating any of it in the actual application. This makes the process much more efficient. It allows the whole team–teachers, psychologists, and software developers–to view the conversations and get the feeling from a user perspective. Before Botsociety, our content editors did not have a clear framework into which they could design and iterate over the content of the conversation they are trying to build. The process was quite linear; an editor prepared the content, it was integrated and deployed as is. Now, the whole team is able to review the conversation as a whole before a single line of code is written.“
Etienne Bolduc, Director, Technological Operations and Artificial Intelligence

VIGO allows for a quality automated-support process that will help the student become aware of their own learning strategies while helping them through various difficult situations. About 1000 students have used VIGO so far. It has changed the way students receive their results through their portal, allowing for a reflection over their progress and how they learn.

Optania bot example
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