Give potential customers an idea of real use cases and how automated dialogues help for their customer communication

MessengerPeople uses Botsociety to create demos and mockups of real life customer use cases.MessengerPeople uses Botsociety to create demos and mockups of real life customer use cases.

“Experiencing the easy and customizable platform of Botsociety helped MessengerPeople in creating a variety of mockups and example use cases for potential customers from all sorts of different industries. Having these mockups on our website gives customers a holistic picture of what chatbots and automated customer dialogues can be used for.“
Thomas Kraehe, Solution Architect

MessengerPeople, pioneering company for professional messenger communication, operates globally with the aim of providing a software that enables and facilitates the use of messaging apps for a more convenient customer communication. Companies receiving thousands of customer inquiries every month, need to see how our software works in order to help them take care of their customer service efficiently. Chatbots are an important part of the software that MessengerPeople uses – using Botsociety helps MessengerPeople in building demos of how such a chatbot could look like and how well they function for automated customer communication. With the help of these demos and mockups created and exported from Botsociety, potential customers get an idea and understand how chatbot engagement can help solve problems and facilitate conversations.

MessengerPeople bot example
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