Leverage your industry expertise and new design trends to demonstrate clients what can be done with chatbots

MediaSupervision uses Botsociety to show their clients in the publishing and media industries the ways they can achieve results with chatbots.

MediaSupervision bot example

Botsociety gives us all the necessary options to create a functional mock-up of the chatbot within a small amount of time, allowing us to present convinging results to some of the top 15 publishing companies in Germany.

Martin Koch, Managing Consultant

MediaSupervision has created many functional examples of different kinds of chatbots during the last six months, especially with the enhanced feature to place them in platforms like Facebook, Slack or a website. Using Botsociety’s video export and instant previews, they use the video files to show interested potential customers how chatbots work and why planning and designing a Chatbot is completely different from creating a homepage or an app.

Location Schwetzingen, Germany
Industry software consulting, chatbot development

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