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Using Botsociety, HOOD built a fully automated AI moving assistant which cares deeply about the homemover.Using Botsociety, HOOD built a fully automated AI moving assistant which cares deeply about the homemover.

“Since the beginning of our HOOD journey, we have been using Botsociety from prototyping through production. Botsociety allows us to design faster and at scale. We are planning to use Botsociety’s Platform Converter as a scalable solution to further enhance the HOOD service across other messaging platforms.“
Armin Towfigh Nia, Product Head & Co-Founder

Founded in 2017, HOOD is a relocation tech start-up based in Melbourne, Australia. The local and global relocation market is highly fragmented. It requires time-consuming Google searches, phone calls, and emails to find the right movers, electricians, and utility providers. The challenge was to find a way to remove all of these frictions and solve the global issue of moving. In 2016, Facebook launched Chatbots on the Messenger platform. It allowed businesses to deliver automated customer support, ecommerce guidance, interesting content, and interactive experiences. HOOD saw the opportunity to use the Messenger interface as a cross-operational platform to reach a global audience of homemovers. The company built a personalised AI moving concierge and trained it to care deeply about the customer. Learning from real user data and using fast iteration cycles, the team needed a management system to continuously improve the relationship with its customers. Botsociety made it very simple for the team to design and prototype the HOOD chatbot for Facebook Messenger. With the addition of the “Building Mode” feature, it also became the perfect content management system solution for our purpose. Their user interface made the process of going back and forth between design and development a no-brainer.

Hood bot example
Location Melbourne, Australia
Industry tech, relocation
850,000 messages designed and counting