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The HappyRecruiter team built Dora, the Recruitment Robot, to connect companies with qualified candidates from beginning to end of the recruitment cycle.

HappyRecruiter bot example

Botsociety allowed us to see how the flows will happen in our chatbot - it works great and it was very easy to get the team on board about using Botsociety to help achieve our goals.

Dragos Lup, Co-Founder & Product Manager

The HappyRecruiter team, which has over 12 years of combined recruitment experience, saw the need for more than just a job board. In job boards, as soon as a job is posted, unqualified candidates can apply. Instead, they decided to build a chatbot–Dora, the Recruitment Robot–as a means of screening to simulate the effect of thousands of recruiters in one second. HappyRecruiter has over 500 clients that use Dora, including multinational brands like Coca Cola, Bosch, McDonalds, etc. The results have far surpassed what a team of recruiters could handle in person. Through Dora, 376,874 interviews have been scheduled and 13,554 candidates are in the process of hiring. In the words of Dragos Lup, co-founder of Happyrecruiter, “Without Dora, there is no company.”

Location Târgu Mureș, Romania
Industry recruiting

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