Prototype complex interactions and align your whole team on brand vision

Botsociety introduced Caravelo’s bot training team to streamlined conversational mock-ups.Botsociety introduced Caravelo’s bot training team to streamlined conversational mock-ups.

“Botsociety mock-ups facilitate a smooth transition from conceptual UX design to tangible technical development. Furthermore, ​Botsociety’s simple drag and drop feature makes it easy to organize and re-structure multiple conversational paths. ​When prototyping, Botsociety helps Caravelo bots include features like end-to-end flight search and bookings, we can incorporate images and buttons, thereby simplifying an otherwise complex process if engineers get involved.“
Jose Luis Vilar, Co-Founder and CTO

Caravelo​ is a leading travel tech company based in Barcelona. Founded in 2015, the company has launched and customized over 15 A.I. powered chatbots with partnered travel companies. Travellers can search flights, make a booking, apply promo codes, check-in along with a host of other features that simplify the travel experience. Caravelo powered chatbots are available on popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Android Messages and WeChat. As Botsociety allows for straight-forward design in various chat platforms, ​Caravelo​ are able to create mock-ups of common conversational flows, tweak certain blocks and preview how they will appear across platforms. Clients can see get the look and feel of their future chatbot without having wasted valuable hours of developers and engineers before getting the final acceptance.

Caravelo bot example
Location Barcelona, Spain
Industry travel, SaaS
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