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Blue Logic, a Dubai-based Chatbot Development company that is working with top brands and companies heavily uses Botsociety to design and create mock-ups of chatbots based on client use-cases.

BlueLogic bot example

We’ve been Botsociety customers for over 10 months now, and have created over 50 mock-ups using Botsociety. We love it! The team keeps adding new features that are important to us, and is a RASA partner! It’s a dream come true, really. We also like the fact that new features are constantly being added to the platform, keeping up with the industry and client’s needs.

Nandita Saggu, VP, Sales & Client Relationships

In one of their biggest projects for a large healthcare provider in the UAE, Blue Logic set out to provide a humanized conversational approach in English and Arabic. This conversational experience has included immediate assistance on all queries related to managing appointments, providing access to doctors’ availability and recommendations, guidance with insurance queries, and more. Their recent project boasts of an ROI of 300% in 3 months by booking 3x the number of appointments the live agents were able to manually.

Location Dubai, UAE
Industry chatbot development

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