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Want to get started in conversation design, but don’t know where to begin? These lessons and exercises will help you start designing immediately.

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Kickstart your conversation design skills with these lessons

Getting started with Botsociety

In this workshop, Dylan from the Botsociety team will go through the conversation design fundamentals and how to get started on Botsociety. This lesson is divided in multiple chapters, each dedicated to specific aspects of the tool.

Creating your first interactive prototype of a chatbot

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Botsociety to create an interactive prototype of a chatbot or a voice user interface. We will walk through how to invite people to test your prototype and how to use their responses (tester data) to improve your design.

Designing your first Slack bot

In this exercise, we will design a Slack bot on Botsociety, using different message types and approaches. The design file can then be used to perform UX research, user testing and so on.

Design exercises

A collections of exercises and practice files

Designing messages with buttons

When adding a message with buttons, we now give you the option of choosing how you want to organize your conversational flow. Messages that contain buttons can be carousels, standalone buttons, quick replies, and so on.

Using keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts on Botsociety to create faster conversation designs. Create a new path, add messages, switch from bot to user, add utterances, and more - all at the click of your keyboard. Find the shortcuts you need in our documentation and get started!

Export and import from Excel

In this tutorial, you will learn how to export your Botsociety design into CSV and Excel. You will also see how to import intents and utterances from CSV (or Excel) into Botsociety.

Using comments

Leave or receive comments on your conversation designs, so you’re able to iterate on designs faster. Share feedback with your team or leave notes for later in comment threads by clicking on the comment mode and hovering over a message, then clicking on the comment button.

Editing messages with markup and hyperlinks

Customize your bot and user messages with markup that transforms the text into bold, italics, or underline. This works for both words and phrases, and the best part is, the rules can be combined to fit your needs

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