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Slack apps specific design features

Slack apps preview and prototype

It's intuitive and fast. Preview the final user experience of your next Slack apps application.

Get a Slack bot experience right from the get-go.

Design Slack apps in all the scenarios

Your skill will be used in different scenarios. Visualize easily how your Slack apps experiences will unfold.

Add multiple users, buttons, images. Model the conversation between users and bots, seamlessly.

A Slack apps design tool to preview different channels
Easily collaborate on your next Slack apps app

Share, collaborate and user test your next Slack apps

Create a team, invite your colleagues, collaborate on the same Slack apps mockups.

Share your design, collect feedback and iterate. You can write comments and get your design signed off in minutes

Export your Slack apps design

Once you have designed the whole interaction, it takes just 3 clicks to get an export in Excel or similar format. You can also share an interactive version of your prototype or export a Google Doc with all the phrases of your bot

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Botsociety export to Rasa

Your Slack apps API

If your Slack apps app is live and you want to change one word. Now you need to change your code. Annoying right? With the Botsociety API, you can get your content directly from the design.
Need to change something? Change it on Botsociety and it's live the following second. Done!

Check the documentation. Like Node? There's an NPM package

User test your Slack apps

Getting the design right from day one will save you a lot of time and effort. But how can you be sure that your interaction is compelling before you build it?

With Botsociety, you can user-test your design in 4 clicks. Get your mockup in front of hundreds of certified testers that will provide insightful, qualitative and quantitative feedback

User test your Slack apps with Botsociety
Collaborate and share your Slack apps

Slack apps

Slack apps are applications for Slack, the instant messaging service for productive teams. Users can add applications to their workspace and starting using bots with their team. Third-party, like you, can develop and deploy Slack apps. You can restrict the usage to your organization, or make it available on the Slack app store.

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