RCS Messaging design.


Preview and prototype your next RCS Messaging Chatbot.

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RCS Messaging design and prototype

Quickly build a high-fidelity preview of your next RCS messaging interaction.

It takes just 4 clicks, no explanation needed.
Choose your platform, write down a couple of messages. Click Play. Vualá

Export: Get the idea before your RCS Messaging bot is built

Chatbots and voice assistants are interfaces difficult to visualize - until now.

The flows that you design will instantly appear in your prototype. Review your work and determine if you're on the right path before handing your work over to development.

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Collaborate, share, test your next RCS Messaging project

Invite your team and collaborate on the same RCS Messaging design.

Share or show your designs to potential users, customers, and coworkers

Unlock collaboration across the entire team

A conversational experience is a collective effort. You can't use Lorem Ipsum. It's critical that your team remains on the same page.

Now everyone - designers, developers, marketers, legal - can provide their input to help design the perfect conversation.

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Part of your stack

Design it on Botsociety, export it on the software picked by your engineering team. No technology lock-in.

Our native Dialogflow, Rasa integrations will be music to your engineering team’s ears.

Collaborate and share your chatbot design

Create conversational magic

Make your design process more efficient and effective allowing you to design conversations with purpose. And it’s only one click away.

850,000 messages designed

and counting

The future of A.I. needs more culture and creative people involved. This is for you.