Nandini Stocker on Voice and the Future of Conversational Commerce

Can one have a conversation with a country? In this podcast, we’ll talk to Nandini Stocker about the bold charter Flipkart has to enable hundreds of millions of users in India through voice and conversational commerce. We'll explore the challenges of building a conversational assistant platform at scale and how the future demands extending the current use of conversation design.

calendar_todayAugust, 2020


Nandini Stocker

Nandini Stocker

Sr. Product Design Manager for Content, Engagement, Retention, and New Initiatives at Flipkart

Listen to this podcast if you:

  • Are interested in exploring new uses for voice bots
  • Want to learn about building an e-commerce assistant for millions of users
  • Are curious about navigating diversity and dialects while building a conversational assistant
  • Wonder where conversational assistant solutions are going in the next 5 years
  • Have curiosity about how this technology is advancing globally

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