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A podcast about conversation design, voice UX, and chatbot design. Every month, we speak with experts in the field about their creative process, their background, their insights, and their challenges. Before the podcast is recorded, our community can submit questions they’d like us to ask our guests.

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Past Episodes

Lisa Takehana

Designing Games for the Google Assistant

During this podcast we will explore the ins and outs of designing games for the Google Assistant and for voice in general. Lisa answered questions from our community: Doug from Nintendo of America, Kate from Indiana University, Zhiyu from Electronic Arts, and more.

Thiago Marafon

Designing a mental health chatbot: Youper

Thiago is CTO at Youper, an emotional health assistant used worldwide by more than 1 million users. Thiago will dive into how to design a chatbot experience in the mental health space, his creative process, how it is to compete with big companies, what is exactly the technology that Youper is pioneering and more.

Hilary Hayes

Building a Career in Conversation Design

Hilary is a Conversation Designer at Facebook, UX researcher and 2019 Alexa Cup Champion. In the podcast, we'll talk to Hilary about building a career in conversation design through emerging tech and research, utilizing her training in industrial design and design thinking to shape the future of voice design, where the voice experience ecosystem is going, and more.

Vineet Mishra

Managing Scale in Conversation Design

Vineet is a Principal Conversational Experience Designer at Oracle. In the podcast, we'll talk to Vineet about managing scale for enterprise chatbots, including how to construct and present a unified bot personality, identifying use cases handled by an enterprise bot and the most appropriate modalities for those use cases, the importance of documenting to achieve consistency across stakeholders, and more.

Jess Thornhill

Jess Thornhill on Running Alexa’s Most Popular Games

In this podcast, we'll talk to Jess about designing voice games and creating award-winning Alexa skills and Google Assistant apps, digging into her knowledge ofin voice experiences creation that dates back to 2016, and analyzing the rise of speech technology in gaming.

Greg Bennett

Greg Bennett on Applying Linguistics to Conversation Design

In this podcast, we'll talk to Greg Bennett from Salesforce abbout his experience in leveraging linguistics in conversational experiences.

Vittorio Banfi

Vittorio Banfi on Botsociety2 and Conversation Design Patterns

In this podcast, we'll talk to Vittorio Banfi about the new Botsociety2, conversation design patterns and how to apply them to any type of conversational interface.

Carmen Martinez

Dr. Carmen Martínez on Conversational Analysis and Design

In this podcast, we’ll talk to Carmen Martínez from FlixBus about her experience and research applying Conversation Analysis into the design of interactional models that support customers’ use cases.

Alan Nichol

Alan Nichol on GPT-3, Rasa, and the future of bots

Alan Nichol is the co-founder and CTO of Rasa, the open-source conversational AI framework. We talked with Alan about a variety of conversational AI topics.

Nandini Stocker

Nandini Stocker on Voice and the Future of Conversational Commerce

Can one have a conversation with a country? In this podcast, we’ll talk to Nandini Stocker about the bold charter Flipkart has to enable hundreds of millions of users in India through voice and conversational commerce. We'll explore the challenges of building a conversational assistant platform at scale and how the future demands extending the current use of conversation design.

Vic Fatnani

Vic Fatnani on the Future of Conversational Marketing

In this podcast, we’ll talk to Vic Fatnani, Co-Founder and General Manager at AdLingo, about conversational marketing. AdLingo is part of Area 120, Google’s in-house Incubator. Vic will share with us his vision on marketing, conversational AI, and how creative people can approach it.

Alexia Grassies

Alexia Grassies on the AirFrance chatbot experience

Alexia Grassies is Product Owner Conversational & Social Developments at AirFrance. We talked with Alexia about how her team started with a focused, single-use-case chatbot, and grew it to a very powerful conversational experience at Airfrance. How her team faced the challenges that Covid posed. And I asked her what is her advice for Product Managers and Designers approaching the conversation design world for the first time.

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