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IVR preview and prototype

Quickly build a high-fidelity preview of your next IVR design.

It takes just 4 clicks, no explanation needed.
Choose your platform, write down a couple of messages. Click Play. Vualá

“Forget about designing conversations on Sketch, Excel and Lucidchart, Botsociety is the no-code tool that designers are looking for.”
Conversation Designer at Walmart

Test your IVR design prototype

How will users react to your IVR design? Please don't wait to discover it once it's already released. Use our prototype feature, gather feedback and make informed decisions before anything is built. Did we mention data? You can also gather data for your Natural Language Processing model.

One-click preview of your IVR design

From an initial idea, to a prototype, and all the way to a fully mapped IVR design. Botsociety is a complete conversation design tool. Prototype your initial idea. Then, flesh out the complete interaction on a limitless canvas. Use Botsociety at any stage of your conversation design process.

Real-time collaboration on IVR designs

Please ditch that Excel file. With Botsociety, PMs can leave precise comments on a complete conversation map, and developers can leverage our API and native integrations. A conversational experience requires input from different teams and parts of your organization. Design. Collaborate. Ship.

Download your IVR design in video or PDF

Getting a video of your user interaction is just 1 click away. Whether you need AVI , MP4 or GIF, we have you covered

You can also export in Excel. You now have all the tools to get your customers or colleagues on the same page

Export: Handoff to engineering

Export your designs to the preferred format or technology that is used by your developers.
Rasa? We support that. Dialogflow? That too. And we can add additional integrations if needed. Your engineering team will love us. You can even use the Botsociety API to create custom integrations.

IVR design

A IVR design is a virtual assistant built by Google. It is capable of handling complete conversations with its users. It is also open to third-party developers. In other words, you can develop your own application - called Action on Google - and deploy it to the IVR design worldwide.

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