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IVR preview and prototype

It's intuitive and fast. Preview the final user experience of your next IVR interaction.

Bring your IVR to the next level, leveraging conversation design.

Design for IVR in all the scenarios

Your IVR interaction includes both voice recognition and key presses. Visualize easily how your IVR design is going to feel during a phone call.

You can also design a cross-device scenario, a SMS interaction, and more.

Share, collaborate and user test your next IVR design

Create a team, invite your colleagues, collaborate on the same IVR designs.

Share your design, collect feedback and iterate. You can write comments and get your design signed off in minutes

Export your IVR design

Once you have designed the whole interaction, it takes just 3 clicks to get an export in Excel, Dialogflow or similar format. You can also share an interactive version of your prototype or create a Google Doc with all the phrases of your IVR.

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Your IVR design API

If your IVR design is live and you want to change one word. Now you need to change your code. Annoying right? With the Botsociety API, you can get your content directly from the design.
Need to change something? Change it on Botsociety and it's live the following second. Done!

Check the documentation. Like Node? There's an NPM package

User test your IVR design

Getting the design right from day one will save you a lot of time and effort. But how can you be sure that your interaction is compelling before you build it?

With Botsociety, you can user-test your design in 4 clicks. Get your mockup in front of hundreds of certified testers that will provide insightful, qualitative and quantitative feedback

User test your Google Assistant with Botsociety
Collaborate and share your chatbot design

IVR design

A IVR design is a design that describes the behavior of your next generation IVR system. Instead of being based on phone key presses, a new generation IVR design leverages machine learning technologies to understand the intent of the caller. If realized properly, an IVR design is able to provide a smoother, seamless user experience.

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Conversational design tutorials

Designing a conversation is not easy. We know that! Tap into our tutorial library, and learn the basic principles and well as practical tips to design conversational experiences.

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