From design
to build

Export to Rasa, Dialogflow, and more.
Leverage our API and export to anything.

Export with one click

Export complete conversation designs. Export flows, utterances, complex message types like carousels, images, and videos.

Botsociety also supports conversational meta-data, such as intents and entities.

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No technology lock-in

Not all NLP engines are the best tool for any project. You want to give your engineering team the opportunity of switching technology depending on the project. But your design team should keep using the same design solution.

Showcase your work

Botsociety natively integrates with

Dialogflow ES

  • Export to a Dialogflow agent
  • Import a Dialogflow agent
  • Dialogflow entity types

Dialogflow CX

  • Export and create a Dialogflow agent
  • Export to an existing agent
  • Dialogflow entity types


  • Download Rasa files
  • Import Rasa NLU files
  • Multi-intent, slot filing, & more

Microsoft Bot Framework (soon)

  • Download .lu and .dialog files
  • Import .lu and .dialog files
  • Bot framework entity types

Zapier (soon)

  • Trigger Zaps
  • Retrieve design file data
  • Set up buttons to trigger Zaps


  • Restful JSON API
  • Webhooks available
  • Authentication built in

Big team with your own stack?

Our engineering team can assist you in building the custom integration that you need. Our Enterprise customers can leverage the expertise of our team to deploy together a seamless developer experience.
Learn more about our enterprise offer.

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Getting started

Teams can define intents and set variables for each message. Then, seamlessly export their prototypes into any development tool, including Google Dialogflow and Rasa. Our most advanced users can leverage on our API to retrieve the content of their prototypes programmatically.

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850,000 messages designed and counting