Is there a way to import designs back from Dialogflow?

  • I have an agent on Dialogflow and I was wondering if it's possible to have it back as design in Botsociety

  • Not as of now, but we are working on an update to allow this very soon - in the next two weeks or so

  • Hello - A few things I'm confused on:

    1. When I export to DialogFlow, What BotSociety identifies as INTENTS, is categorized as ENTITIES in DialogFlow.
    2. When I export to DF, I only see 1 INTENT/ENTITY. My entire conversation is not showing up.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Jason,
    About the first point: Can you share with me the conversation where this is happening? A personal message will also work.
    About the second point: Sometimes Dialogflow takes some time to load and show the newly imported intents and entities. Did you try to refresh your Dialogflow page after 15 seconds or so?


  • @admin - I believe my issue was solved. Thanks!

  • Awesome! Let us know if you have other questions

  • so is it possible with the latest version to import a dialogflow?

    it doesnt matter if it is perfect it would just be helpful to not have to type it back in again.


  • Hi, Carl! Hope you're doing well!

    We did some improvements in the export for DialogFlow but didn't have a way to import back to Botsociety.

    This can be something we can do in the future if we have more requests or change our plans about this.

    It's important to say that many features we announce and build are considering the requests and feedbacks, so for this or other ideas, please keep asking and sharing comments.

    Hope this was helpful.


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