One Business-Number and many Bots (Whatsapp)?

  • is it possible to access the designs via a url? I want to create several whatsapp bots and only use one business number.
    As an example: someone clicks on url1 and the WA-Bot1 opens in the WA chat in my business number. Another gets my URL2, opens it and the WA-Bot2 opens on my business number.

    Is this possible with botsociety?

  • Hi! Thanks for the question! I was reviewing our forum and found this one.

    To deploy an official business number on WhatsApp, you would need to use a builder platform. Botsociety is a prototyping tool rather than a builder tool. It helps you to ideate, visualize and run usability testing before you build any real product.

    However, you can create multiple design files for your WhatsApp projects and run usability tests with them before you hand off to engineers to develop your solution.

    Check our documentation to see how you can manage your files and share them with your teammates

    Have a great day!

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