Feature Request: Adding an Image from a URL

  • Hi,

    I would like to add an image to a dialog. But, since I already have the image hosted somewhere, I would like to simply set the link to it instead of downloading it and adding it to the design.

    We are using the Botsociety API to extract the conversation design afterwards. I would like to have the design already containing the correct URL without having to manually replace it for each image, which is tedious and slow.


  • Hi Etienne,

    Thanks for your feedback, this is interesting. Would it be possible to understand why you would like to use your own URL for image hosting? For example, security, feature in your app, etc.

  • Stability and ownership first; if I use the URL I get from the design when I import it from the Botsociety API and integrate that directly into my bot, who is to say that you won't make a change to your infrastructure that will make this URL fall down?

    Also security; since some of this content is copyrighted, we prefer serving it from our own servers all the time.

    And since we already have the content and infrastructure, it does not make much sense to upload it just to get it back.

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