Everything you need
to design a conversation

What you expect from a design tool, plus
what you need for conversation design.

Design and preview anything

Design any type of conversational interface, be it a chatbot or voice. Botsociety is flexible and can accomodate anything.

Have your own platform, mobile app or website? You can upload your own settings and animations, and create a pixel-perfect preview.

Wizard of Oz? Test right away

With prototype mode, you can start testing your design as soon as you create. No need to wait for engineering time, integrations, or logic.

  • Invite testers via link
  • Test on mobile or desktop
  • Use the results to change your design decisions
  • Approve the tester's data as training phrases

Export to the tools your engineers use

Once your design is complete, you can export it to Rasa, Dialogflow, or CSV format. Your engineers will be able to use your design as the starting point for their project.

  • Export to create a new project
  • Update an existing project with new content
  • Kickstart your engineers' work

Re-use conversational components

Create components that your team can re-use in their designs. Establish a conversational team library and keep your conversations consistent.

  • Add paths to your personal clipboard
  • Add paths to the team clipboard
  • Re-use the clipboard components across design files

A powerful, limitless canvas

Create your conversation design in a limitless, powerful canvas. If you are used to Sketch or Figma, you will feel right at home with Botsociety.

  • Bottom-up design: Start with a script and structure it later
  • Top-down design: Start with a flowchart
  • Zoom, pan, and navigate

Export to video and PDF

Export a high-quality video file of your design. Very useful for presentations, emails, and pitching your chatbot or voice interface.
Save your design canvas in PDF and share it with your team.

  • Export to MP4
  • Export to GIF
  • Export to PDF

Real-time collaboration and comments

Exactly what you would expect. Collaborate in real-time with your team, just like Google Docs or Figma. Leave comments, tag your teammates and more.

  • Collaborate in real-time with up to 100 people
  • Leave comments, tag your teammates
  • Share your designs in view or edit mode

Revision history

Never lose anything. Botsociety auto-saves all of your edits, and keeps track of every change you make. Easily roll back to previous versions of your design.

  • Roll-back to any snapshot
  • Automatic snapshot every 15 minutes
  • Automatic snapshot every 15 actions

Multi-modal design

Design interactions that span multiple devices and media. With Botsociety, you can model any type of multi-device and multi-modal interaction.

  • Design the same interaction on multiple devices
  • Design device-switching interactions
  • Design for chat and voice at the same time

Workflow customization

Coordinate the different stages of your conversation design workflow: Approval, Review, Done and so forth.

  • Customize and set up your own stages
  • Move a design file to another stage when you are done
  • Get notified when a task enters your stage
  • Assign specific paths to stages for granular coordination

Define backend logic with conditonal blocks

Design what happens when a certain backend condition is met. Or envision the results of an API call. With conditional blocks, it's very easy to embed advanced customization into your design decisions.

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