Let's start with a video. A video is worth a thousand images

Especially at 120 fps

Design for Facebook Messenger

Add any type of message, like carousels, location, and web-view. Design what happens when a user clicks an option or the other. Check if your image assets fit on iOS and Android interface.

Enjoy real-time preview. Be sure that your copy does not get hidden by the user keyboard. Get a precise sense of the final user experience.

Design for Slack

Designing group conversations has never been easier.

Add multiple people and multiple chatbots. Try different message formats and interactions. Add multiple channels.

Design for the Google Assistant

A voice interaction has some points in common with the text interface.

Spoken language is different than written one. With real-time audio preview, you can be sure that your conversation sounds natural.
Design all the different paths that the user may take. Starting of course from the happy path!

Design Facebook Messenger Extensions

A Facebook Extension is a powerful way to create a conversational experience inside Messenger. They allow you to insert small HTML experiences, seamlessly, inside the Facebook Messenger experience.
But how can you design properly such webviews? With Botsociety, you will be able to prototype, preview and see the final user experience! Upload your custom design, create a conversation between your users and visualize the final results

Collaborate on design

The conversational interfaces are a group effort. A cool conversational experience is customer support, sales, marketing and branding at the same time.

With Botsociety you will be able to invite the rest of the team and collect comments and feedbacks without getting swamped

Structure your conversation: Paths

Using our Paths feature, you can design the whole conversational tree that powers any conversational interface. Botsociety will take care of building the flowchart scheme and keeping your naming consistent. You can easily switch between different user choices as your users would — by clicking on the button itself — or by using the flowchart scheme.
We thrive to make everything simple and direct so you can focus on what’s important: Your design.

Export, present and more

Once you are done, you can easily export a complete video of the interaction as you have imagined it.

Grab an AVI file, an MP4 or even a GIF for your team, marketing material, presentation.. basically everything!

A powerful API for your dev team

Say you have to change a phrase in your design, but your project is already live. Ouch. Now you need to bug your development team just to make a small change!

Or maybe not?

With our API, your developers will be able to grab the content inserted into Botsociety, programmatically. Basically, Botsociety can become your Content Management System!
Your development team will love this!

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