Design at scale with
Botsociety Enterprise

The world's most innovative companies use Botsociety
to streamline their conversation design projects
The world's most innovative companies use Botsociety
to streamline their conversation design projects

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Optimize your conversation design process

Design user experiences customers love. Designing for something you can't always see can be complicated. That's why some of the most respected companies use Botsociety Enterprise to convey, innovate, and expand upon their cutting-edge ideas.

Include everyone in the process

Teams can collect comments and feedback inside Botsociety by sharing their designs with anyone. Real-time editing allows team members to work on the same designs at the same time. Unlimited exporting provides any team with the documents they need.

Showcase and present your team’s designs

Teams can showcase a preview of their chatbot or voice assistant design. Shared interactive prototypes allow recipients to choose which path they will journey through in the conversation. Gather feedback and iterate on the design until stakeholders sign off.

“Forget about designing conversations on Sketch, Excel and Lucidchart, Botsociety is the no-code tool that designers are looking for.”
Conversation Designer at Walmart

Hand over designs for development

Teams can define metadata in the design. Then, seamlessly export their designs to any development tool, including Google Dialogflow and Rasa. Our most advanced users can leverage our API to retrieve the content of their prototypes programmatically.

Additional Enterprise-level
features and custom solutions


There’s no cap on viewers, projects, or storage.

Onboarding &
Priority Support

Onboarding is a breeze, straight out of the box. Your team gets a dedicated account manager that will provide priority support and ongoing training sessions when needed.


Assign specific permissions to different members of your team with user management settings.


Control who has the ability to share file links externally, ensuring no one can access projects unless invited.


Payment is simple with only one renewal date for all your seats.

Private Cloud &
SSO Integration

Botsociety integrates seamlessly with your existing identity management system. We can also set up an instance running in a dedicated private cloud environment from a cloud provider of your choice.

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