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Microsoft logoBotsociety Customers: Paris Zhao

Paris J. Zhao

Solutions Consultant @Microsoft

As an AI consultant, I lead multiple Intelligent Chatbot solution pitches and projects. Being able to show my clients a chatbot prototype that is tailored to their business environment makes a difference between getting to the next customer meeting or not.

Botsociety empowers me and my team to do exactly that – create beautiful chatbot prototypes in a matter of minutes.

Conversational design is really about being able to tell a story, with multiple possible endings. In software development, we have the idea of Story-driven design. Until tools like Botsociety were available, we didn't have the ability to write the story first, and develop second. Now, we do. How does this help?

We're now able to engage in the creative process with those that are the least technically enabled (like sales and marketing), and together craft the story we want to tell before we ever write a line of code.

Botsociety customers: Brian Bagdasarian

Brian Bagdasarian

Chatbots & Conversational Strategy @HubSpot

Finnai logoBotsociety customers: Cole Devoy

Cole Devoy

Product Design Lead

Botsociety allows our team to structure complex conversational flows.

Designing a personal banker experience is a challenge on multiple levels: You need to merge data, technology, legal compliance and marketing needs in a seamless experience. With Botsociety, we can imagine and design complex flows and share them with stakeholders and team members is a leading fintech startup based in Vancouver with more than $3M funding

At, we build high-quality conversational experiences. We pioneered the space for brands like Sephora and The GRAMMYs.

Botsociety allowed us to carefully design each experience while focusing on what we do best is a conversational startup based in Los Angeles

Botsociety customers: Liz Snower

Liz Snower


BlackOpsNYC logoBotsociety customers: Matthew Black

Matthew Black

CEO @blackops

My value for Botsociety is two-fold.
First, I use it to jumpstart my sales proposals with video prototypes instead of image previews.
Secondly, I bake in video prototypes in our workshop with our clients.

Because of Botsociety, we’ve been able to close more sales and easily articulate new bot technology to our existing customers.

Blackops is a leading creative agency based in New York City

While developing our FinTech chatbot, we needed to rapidly prototype and test multiple conversation flows and display options (like lists vs carousels) with our early users. The process was painful and took way too long.

Fortunately for us, I tried out Botsociety. It enabled us to recreate the prototypes in 20 minutes - rather than three days!

Botsociety is now our go-to and only conversational design tool. It's easy-to-use, has rich a feature set, and is incredibly effective

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