Botsociety Cloud

From prototype to running
your bot, in two clicks

Done designing?
Run your chatbot with the Botsociety Cloud

Two clicks away

Once you are done designing, you can choose to export to any major format, such as Dialogflow or Rasa. Or you can run your bot in the Botsociety Cloud.

Natural Language Processing, servers, integrations: We will take care of that. Just click on the big 'Run' button when you are done.

Omni-channel from the ground up

We built Botsociety to be omnichannel and multi-device from the ground up. It's easy to imagine, design, refine and launch an omnichannel experience.

  • Support for the most common channels, such as Messenger
  • Set up your own channels and APIs
  • Switch between devices and modalities

Powerful Natural Language Processing

We use the best technologies on the market. Our Natural Language Processing engine is based on Google's Tensorflow. And we've integrated with Elon Musk's OpenAI API to provide you with the best suggestions about your processing accuracy.

Set up your API calls, once

Your conversational experience needs to be tied to what you know and can do about your customer. With Botsociety, your engineering team can set up your API integrations, database calls, and more. Just once. The rest of the team is then able to leverage this setup multiple times, visually.

Anybody from your team can jump in

The Botsociety design experience is intuitive, fast, and powerful. Anybody from your team will be able to start designing a conversational interaction.

And with, the Botsociety cloud, they can now also run your chatbot.

Simple logic? No need to sweat

Add logic blocks to define conditions and context, in an intuitive, graphical way.

Add API calls, retrieve the response and use it in your experience. No code required.

Complex logic? We think Phyton

Sometimes simple logic is not enough. Your engineering team can set up logic blocks using Python. The rest of your team can then re-use these blocks across multiple bots and experiences.

850,000 messages designed and counting