A very busy April for the Botsociety team! We released a bunch of new features, threw an amazing VoiceUX meetup with the Deloitte Conversation Design Team, and more.

High-resolution video exports

High resolution video export in Botsociety

A highly requested feature: Now all of your videos will download at very high resolution. Perfect for your presentation and demo needs. To try it, just request a video download!

Right-click magic is here

Right click in Botsociety

You can now right-click on things to do stuff. Wanna add a message inside a path? Right-click. Wanna split a path in two? Right-click. Wanna add a conditional block to the canvas? Right-click. Want to add a new path? You guessed it!

Starting path: Choose where the design starts

Your design has multiple paths and interactions, but you want your testers and shares to focus on a particular part of your design? Look no further. You can now decide what your testers and viewers will see when you share your design. Just click on the three dots menu next to your path header, and mark it as Starting Path. Botsociety will add a blue shadow around your starting paths in the canvas.

Revision history navigation

Revision History in Botsociety
Never lose anything. Botsociety automatically saves your design revisions like Google docs since day 1. From today, you can click on a revision to see what changed in the meanwhile. You can also revert specific messages to an older version if you want.
Our free and professional users will get a revision snapshot created every 15 actions or minutes, where our Enterprise customers have a revision at every action.

Faster multi-device design

Multi modal design with Botsociety
By default, you will now be editing all of the devices in your channel at the same time. This is a time-saver as in most cases the interaction is going to be the same across different modalities. You can always change it on a particular device by clicking on it and then detaching it.

If you want to try it out these new features yourself, sign up on Botsociety here.


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Vittorio Banfi

Co-founder at botsociety.io