Customize your bot and user messages with the new markup feature. You can transform the text into bold, italic or underlined. This works for both words and phrases, and the best part is that the rules can be combined to fit your needs. Moreover, you can add hyperlinks that open in a new tab. Read all the documentation here.

Rules for markup text

Use two underlines on both sides of the word or the phrase for bold text.
__This text will look bold__

Use two pluses on both sides for underlined text.
++This text will look underlined++

Use one underline on both sides for italic text.
_This text will look italic_

You can combine all the rules.
__++_This text will look bold, underlined and italic_++__

Tip: Remember to not leave a space between the text and the underline or plus.

Markup Feature Botsociety

Markup works for both the bot side and the user side. With this feature we hope that you’ll be able to exactly mimic platforms that we support like WhatsApp.


You can also now add links into your bot conversation! Hyperlinks will make your text clickable and the URL will open in a new tab.

The rule for the hyperlink feature is that you put the text to be hyperlinked inside square brackets, and then the URL you want to reference to inside parentheses.

Tip: Make sure you include https:// in your link and don’t leave a space between the square bracket and the parenthesis.

For example:
[Click here](


Emphasize the most relevant text in your bot with the markup feature and add hyperlinks to create the best experience for the user. Designing conversations for your bot has never been easier! Start now for free at Botsociety.