New Platform: Apple Business Chat

Get closer to your customers through Apple’s official platform for business to customer communications. Leverage Apple’s efforts to bring customers closer with brands and establish brand accessibility with the new platform, Apple Business Chat. Create an Apple Business Chat bot for your business to directly reach your customers on their phones, now on Botsociety.

Apple Business Chat design

With our Apple Business Chat platform, you can now design and preview a conversational experience for iPhones that follows your brand designs and guidelines.

Getting Started

Create a new design and select the Apple Business Chat platform.

Apple Business Chat new design page

You can now design Apple Business Chat bots!  To best represent your brand, go to Settings to add your brand assets to the chatbot. You can choose to add a square logo for the business page in the entry animation, and a wide logo for the header. You can also control other settings like the header color, showing a verified icon, changing the color of the system icons for optimal contrast, and more.

Apple Business Chat Design Settings

What else is new? Check out the newest message types yet by adding and previewing a List Picker on Apple Business Chat!

Apple Business chat message types

Want to find out more about Apple Business Chat Bots? Find out why you need an Apple Business Chat bot.


Custom CSS & Custom border button

Botsociety Custom CSS

Custom CSS allows you to customize anything in your generic channel, by writing special CSS code and inputting it in Botsociety. You can now create a mockup of your mobile app or website that looks exactly like you designed in Figma or Sketch. It is a very powerful feature. You will need to know a little bit of CSS coding in order to use it correctly. You can check out our documentation here. If you can’t code in CSS don’t worry – you can always ask in our forum and the team will help you out.

Button Border Color
Custom button border is exactly how it sounds: You can pick an arbitrary color and apply it to the border of your buttons. To get started, open the menu ‘Settings’ on top while designing for your own mobile app or website.

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