At Botsociety, we’ve been working hard to add new chat platforms that you have requested. This platform is one that we’ve all used the longest and hold dearest – SMS/MMS!

sms bot creation

So you’ve noticed an increase in the use of SMS chatbots and you want in on it? Start reaching customers in the most direct and engaging communication channel. Create an SMS/MMS chatbot to directly reach your customers on their phones, with fewer distractions from other companies than ever.

With our SMS/MMS platform, you can now design and preview a conversational experience for iPhones and Android phones.

Getting Started

Create a new design and select the SMS/MMS bot platform.

new design sms platform

You can now design SMS/MMS bots!

sms and mms bot example

Here’s a tip: go to Settings at the top-left of the screen to see how your Bot looks on iPhone and Android phones!

sms bot in iphone and android

Want to find out more about SMS Bots? Find out why you need an SMS bot here.

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