When you design your chatbot or voice assistant, you create it with the purpose to help users solve a problem. But all users aren’t created equally. So, it’s important to define a voice user persona. A voice user persona is a made-up character you design that represents the type of user who will use your bot or voice assistant. The user persona focuses on the goals your target audience needs to achieve and their pain points. You can experiment with voice user personas at Botsociety even without prior experience.

Designing a user persona can offer several benefits but it’s important to understand its significance and how to design a user persona effectively if you want to enhance the user experience. Before you dive into designing a voice user persona, take these key factors into account:

Why Creating a Voice User Persona Matters

You know that your chatbot needs a personality, but without crafting a user persona, it’s challenging to develop your chatbot persona.

With a user persona, you can have a better idea of how your target audience may react to your assistant’s personality or how it may perceive the types of responses your voice assistant provides.

You also save time in creating your chatbot’s persona when you develop a user persona. That’s because you can use the user persona as a guide for creating a relatable and likable chatbot for your target audience. You can also better define the user’s needs when you create a user persona. For example, if you design a user persona that is a busy working mother looking for quick meals to make, you can create a chatbot persona that knows how to make quick and consider recommendations for dinner. User personas also make it easy for your design team to make changes to user requirements.

Designing an Effective Voice User Persona

Now that you know the importance behind creating user personas, it’s time to get into designing an effective user persona. Here are some best practices for creating a user persona for success:

voice user persona

You can design your own voice user persona for free at Botsociety.io

  • Do your research. It’s important to know the individuals who are using your chatbot application or voice assistant. You can get to know users by creating a survey or poll. Make it easy to answer to encourage participation, such as designing a quick poll about their favorite color or other preferences.
  • Narrow down your personas. Create two or three user personas to start. This makes it easier to focus on user pain points and needs. You can expand as users of your bot or voice assistant increase.
  • Keep it simple. Use the necessary details for your persona. Outline the different characteristics and pain points your target audience may have. Determine if the information you’re adding to the persona is important for helping users.
  • Design scenarios. Anticipate the issues or problems your bot needs to solve for users by designing scenarios. Outline any problems the typical user may have and develop a script for your chatbot. This helps to create a more logical flow of conversation.
  • Improve user personas with prototypes. Creating a user persona offers an opportunity to enhance the user experience. But if you want your chatbot or voice assistant to be a success, it’s important to test it out using prototyping tools, such as Botsociety. Botsociety makes it easy to create a high-fidelity chatbot or voice assistant for a variety of platforms, including Slack, Alexa, and Google Assistant. You can have users test your bot and finetune any details you may learn from users to update and improve the user persona you create.

Final Thoughts

Designing a great chatbot or voice assistant calls for looking beyond the bot persona. You have to start with understanding your users and creating a user person. But to create a user persona successfully, it’s critical to follow a few tried-and-true methods. By using best practices, you can create a better user persona and enhance the user experience for your target audience.


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Bianca Nieves

Digital Marketing Manager at Botsociety