At Botsociety, we are always eager to listen to feedback from our users. Why? Because you help us create all the features UX and conversational designers dream about. This month, we’re releasing a few more. Let’s start.

New Platform: Generic Desktop Preview

So you’ve decided to build a chatbot for your own website, but you wonder how you can model this experience on a desktop. With Generic Desktop Preview, you can now design and preview a conversational experience for your own website, on your own desktop.

Getting Started

Create a new design and select the Bot for your app or website platform.

Select the Desktop Layout option at the top-right of the screen, highlighted in green here:

That’s it, you can now preview your design in Desktop mode!

Here’s a tip: go to Settings at the top-left of the screen to customize your design assets and appearance!

New Feature: Revision History

Liked your first draft better than your second? You can now review all past edits as you build with Revision History. Track your changes and never miss a message throughout the entire designing process with this tool.

Getting Started

To access this function while designing, click on the new Revision History side panel on the left-side of the screen:

Revision History automatically saves a snapshot of your design with every 10 edits. All saved snapshots are listed in the side-panel. You can then revert to past designs with a single click!


  • We launched a new Search bar to help you find all your designs and folders across your entire workspace. You can find it here.
  • We improved the Design Preview experience. You can now pause the preview at any moment.
  • You can now customize designs for a generic application or website to a higher degree, for example by choosing chat backgrounds.
  • Sometimes, we make mistakes. We’ve found and fixed some bugs!

All of these features are ready to go! Head over to Botsociety to test them out now!


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