Throughout Pakistan, there is a stunning lack of resources for women regarding their reproductive health, human rights, and education. Thankfully, the Pakistani startup Aurat Raaj is using chatbots and conversation design to help lessen this glaring disparity. Founded by activist Saba Khalid, Aurat Raaj built a chatbot called Raaji that addresses and informs women about reproductive health. Use of a chatbot offers these women an anonymous, safe environment where they can learn about sex and reproductive health without fear of any backlash.

Before building Raaji, Aurat Raaj created playful, empowering animated content for girls and young women to approach otherwise taboo health issues. They then felt a need to create an around-the-clock interface for women to access:

We envisioned building a chatbot that would give information, provide emotional support, and connect women with specialists in the field.

This was when they stumbled upon Botsociety. Using the platform, they were able to build interactive flows with quick replies for ease of use, in addition to tracking these conversation flows in real-time. Beyond designing their chatbot, Khalid adds that Botsociety’s ability to import their design into Dialogflow and Rasa has been more than meaningful:

You can experiment with conversation design and the Dialogflow/Rasa export for yourself for free over at

Botsociety helps us save time in taking the data from a flow diagram and manually feeding it into the two platforms to train the AI models.

As Aurat Raaj has improved upon its tech and increased its reach across Pakistan, it hasn’t been for a lack of challenges. They were rejected by twelve funding groups before finding sponsorship with UNICEF, UNESCO, and Transforming Education Through Arts. Despite whatever criticism they may receive in Pakistan, Aurat Raaj remains dedicated to using innovative digital content to empower women to hopefully end gender violence and inequality.

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Bianca Nieves

Digital Marketing Manager at Botsociety