You asked. We listened. We’ve just released some exciting new features that were highly anticipated by the Botsociety community! Keep reading to learn more about each of our new offerings and how they can assist in making 2019 the year of conversational design.

New Platforms

WhatsApp and Google Hangouts


Botsociety now supports even more platforms! Design WhatsApp customer support interactions, or bots for Google Hangouts, one of the most widely used workplace chat applications.

Getting Started -> Create a new Design and select WhatsApp or Google Hangouts as your Design type.

New Features



When designing for voice, the intonation, pauses, emphasis, etc, are part of your design process. With this feature, you can now use the power of SSML markup language when designing for voice, without actually having to know anything about SSML. Thanks to the Botsociety What You See Is What You Get interface, designing complex intonation is now very intuitive

Getting Started -> Open a Google Assistant or Alexa Echo design, then start creating or editing a message. You will be able to craft your voice using the SSML toolbar at the top of the input field.

Real-Time Collaboration


A conversation design is always a synthesis of different processes and departments. Any good bot design is the result of a cross-functional collaboration between different skills sets. With real-time collaboration, it’s very easy to design the best interaction possible, together with your team.

Getting Started -> Add a team member to your Botsociety team through the Team tab. From now on, whenever multiple team members will be editing the same design, they will be able to see their inputs in real time.

Full Height Layout


You can now design your chatbot conversations taking advantage of the full height of your screen, removing the phone frame. The full height layout makes it incredibly easy to preview and easily switch between Paths, another of our most beloved features

Getting Started -> Create or open a Design and select the Full Height Layout from the new Layout tab at the top right of the screen. To switch between Paths, click on a message and use the side arrows, or directly click on the Path previews at the side of the main conversation flow.

Slack Desktop Preview


If you’re designing a conversational experience for Slack, we have something for you! You can now preview your conversations in Desktop mode, giving you more grasp of how your experience is going to look like for desktop users.

Getting Started -> Create or open a Slack Design and select the Desktop preview mode in the new Layout tab at the top right of the screen.

New Integrations

RASA ❤️ Botsociety


Two convenient tools coming together to make a powerful impact. Rasa’s NLP Engine analyzes unstructured strings while Botsociety allows designing and editing with ease. “This new integration bridges the gap between people who can design bots and who can develop them.”

Getting Started -> Follow our video tutorial to learn how to use the Rasa + Botsociety integration here.

All of these features are ready to go! Head over to Botsociety to test them out now!


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