If you’re in the world of gaming, then “Discord” is likely in your vocabulary and for good reasons. Discord has seen user growth rates that have ballooned to over 130 million in 2018, nearly tripling its size from 2017. It’s a voice chat platform worth paying attention to if you want to target the gamer audience. Utilize this platform by creating a Discord bot.

The popular voice chat platform and app connects gamers by providing a way for them to message, text and communicate for free. It also offers plenty of opportunities for gaming entrepreneurs and businesses to connect with gamers via a Discord bot. But before you dive into developing your own bot, it’s important to understand the basics.

Read on to discover the fundamentals of a Discord bot and how to create your own:

Why Create a Discord Bot?

If your business or organization is in the gaming industry, then Discord bots are important for connecting to your customers and target audience. With a bot, gamers can keep up with the latest updates and connect with gamers off game platforms. But a Discord bot also provides you with a way to engage with prospective buyers of your gaming products as well as existing users. For example, you can create one to automate newsfeeds and important updates to your app or software so that your users can continue to get valuable content and use your products with ease.

Creating a Discord bot also creates values for existing users and can be a way to drive potential sales. For instance, you can create one to automate product launches and even welcome new members who join your gaming league. This helps to personalize the experience, build rapport and promote sales of your products.

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Creating a Discord Bot

If you want to create a Discord bot, it’s important to put a few best practices into action. After creating your Discord account and procuring your token, apply these tried-and-tested strategies for creating a Discord bot successfully:

  • Focus on conversational design. Whether you plan to welcome new members to your gaming community on Discord or you want to promote product sales, it’s important to think about how the conversation may go when you’re designing your Discord bot. Think of the flow of conversation and speak to the pain points of your audience.
  • Put a personalized touch in the script. It’s always ideal to personalize the experience to encourage engagement. Tailor the user experience by including your users’ names when greeting them. Think about the customer’s journey and personalize the experience by including product recommendations that users may find valuable.
  • Boost your bot with prototyping tools. Take your Discord bot to the next level, it’s critical to take advantage of prototyping tools, such as Botsociety. When you use prototyping tools, you can test your bot to ensure it has the interface and performance levels you intended it to have. For instance, you can use Botsociety’s prototyping tool to preview the performance of Discord bot before you launch the finished product.

Final Thoughts

From fostering relationships with new members to driving sales, there are several opportunities and reasons to create a Discord bot for your business. But if you want to boost your bot’s capabilities and enhance its performance, it’s crucial to implement Discord bot best practices. By using these tried-and-true tactics, you can improve the user experience and, ultimately, your profits.


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