Chatbots are continually entering new spaces, giving benefits to marketers, customers, and businesses as a whole, including Google Hangouts (including Chat and Meet). Designing a Google Hangouts Bot is simple and effective when you have a strategy and tips for constructing an optimized bot. To start, here is a basis of Google Hangouts Bots and the shift to Chat and Meet.

What is a Google Hangouts Bot?

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Google Hangouts is a platform for communicating through messaging, video chat, SMS, and VOIP (voice over internet protocol). A Google Hangouts Bot is a chatbot that you can customize to fit your company’s needs and voice. It helps you engage with customers by being quick to respond, allows customers to be understood more clearly, and has the ability to answer questions or confirm appointments, saving time for you and your customer.

Why Create Your Own Google Hangouts Bot?

Everyday customers are asking questions and wanting to make appointments or purchases smoothly. To increase customer engagement and experience, having a customized chatbot can meet their needs efficiently. Personalizing your tone and meeting customer needs increases brand loyalty. It’s a simple and secure way to increase your profitability.

From Google Hangouts to Google Hangouts Chat and Google Hangouts Meet

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While Google Hangouts has laid the foundation of what direction Google takes in the communication platform space, it has been mentioned in Google’s official blog that it is going to evolve into both Google Hangouts Chat and Google Hangouts Meet. Currently, Chat and Meet are only available in G Suite (paid tier-subscription) which mainly targets enterprise. They are shifting to making both Chat and Meet free for Hangouts users, encouraging them to migrate from Google Hangouts (Classic).

What’s the difference between “Chat” and “Meet”?

  • Google Hangouts Chat. Instant messaging with support of bot assistance and threaded messages (similar to Slack).
  • Google Hangouts Meet. Video conferences for both voice and video meeting, business-focused through meeting invitations.

While this might seem frustrating that there are three separate applications to those who want to create a bot, the same best practices apply to create all three bots.

Google Hangouts Bot

Creating Your Google Hangouts Bot

By having a plan and keeping the concepts below in mind, creating a Google Hangouts Bot is simple.

  • Brainstorming Conversation Responses. It’s important for the bot to be able to answer your customer’s questions. Think about what common questions your customers have and how you would answer. Don’t forget to have a response for when the bot does not know how to answer.
  • Design using a Chatbot Design tool. Being able to visualize and be creative is easy with a chatbot application, which is why it is an essential tool to use before creating a chatbot. It’s easy to see the flow and way it will play out, letting you catch mistakes or gaps in conversation that it allows you to edit effortlessly. This saves on time and money before producing the Google Hangouts Bot.
  • Test Your Google Hangouts Bot. To ensure it works, test your bot by asking your customers if they have questions or problems. Fix the errors and go back to the design stage if needed. Test it again. Quality assurance is important to produce a high-quality product that fits your customer’s wants.

Final Thoughts

To optimize your ability to reach customers more efficiently, creating a Google Hangouts Bot can help. You can use a chatbot design tool to save on time and money and to better visualize the chatbot user experience.


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