With some of the most engaged users of smartphone devices, it was only a matter of time before Apple came out with its Business Chat service. With Apple’s Business Chat service, you can connect with your customers who have iPhones and other Apple devices via a chatbot. Apple Business Chatbots can help you accelerate engagement and are getting easier to develop. It’s the reason why brands such as American Express and Dish Network are using the service.

It’s critical to understand the basics behind Apple Business Chat and the best methods for developing your chatbot for success. Consider these important aspects of Apple Business Chat and how to create your own bot using best practices:

Why Create Your Own Apple Business Chat Bot?

An Apple Business Chat bot is a software program that you can create to interact directly with Apple users via iMessage. When you create an Apple Business Chat bot, you can enhance the user experience. An Apple Business bot gives your business or organization the opportunity to complete transactions, answer questions and resolve problems your customers or audience may have.

The great part of using a bot for Apple Business Chat is that you can increase user engagement thanks to its multidevice capabilities. Users can access iMessage via the Apple Watch, iPhone, Mac laptops and computers and their iPads, too. That means you can connect with your customers whether they are at the office using their desktop, taking a morning jog while wearing an Apple Watch or browsing the Internet on their iPad while waiting for a flight.

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You can help users schedule appointments, get support for questions when your team is unavailable due to time zone differences and even make payments for past due bills. The service has authentication built into its interface, provides a secure checkout process and enables you to personalize the user experience.

Creating Your Bot for Apple Business

Developing your chatbot for Apple Business Chat is simple when you put a few tried-and-true methods into action. While you can certainly develop your chatbot from scratch, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Try these best practices for developing an Apple Business Chat:

  • Register with Apple. Before you can develop any chatbot for Apple, you must register with them first, including assigning team member roles, such as the technical and administrative contacts. You may register as a business or a customer service platform. Apple then reviews your application for approval.
  • Choose a platform. Apple also requires that you sign-up with a pre-integrated Business Chat platform. As of 2018, Apple has 18 platforms you can choose from, including LivePerson, Salesforce, ZenDesk, Nuance and Quip. It’s best to choose a platform that you and your developers are familiar with or is simple to learn so you don’t waste time in the development stage.
  • Do your research. Consider the purpose of your chatbot and how it will help your customers. This will help you with conceptualizing the conversation flow.
  • Consider the conversation. Map out the conversation flow your customers will have with your bot. Role-play and consider getting a conversational interface specialist involved to help you develop the script for the conversation. This makes it easier to identify issues with the flow of conversation before you develop your bot for Apple Business Chat.
  • Leverage Prototyping Tools. Before you launch your Apple Business Chat bot, it’s worth testing it out using prototyping tools. For example, you can use Botsociety’s prototyping tools to create a custom chatbot that your users or target audience can test out before you launch the final product. By using prototyping tools, you can catch errors and quickly fix them before spending time and money in a final product.

Final Thoughts

You can streamline your process for developing a bot for Apple Business Chat when you know what approach to take. By using these best practices, you can create an Apple Business chatbot that can provide value for your customers and help your organization improve engagement.

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