Being able to reach your audience and drive engagement is essential for today’s modern businesses. Voice assistants and chatbots are being used in new ways to help make outreach possible for companies across the world. The great news is you can take steps to leverage your conversational interface to reach your target audience. Here’s how:

Provide New Ways to Solve Problems

Your target audience knows they can go online to search for answers to their questions or call your customer service team. But what they need is an innovative way that provides convenience and answers their questions in the existing platforms they use. With bots, you can deliver a new way for users to solve issues. For instance, you can create a Facebook messenger bot to answer questions to customer inquiries. They can solve simple tasks when your team is out of the office or when it’s beyond normal work hours. This helps your customers save time and get the answers that they need on-demand. The key is to assess the platforms that your customers use by polling or surveying your audience and paying attention to the external platforms they use to interact with your brand. It’s also important to remember that the bots aren’t meant to solve every question. So, include dialogue that can provide a natural response to a question the bot may not be able to answer.

Gather Data

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Part of making your outreach effective involves gathering crucial information that can help you enhance the user experience. You can use bots to get this done. For example, your bots can be used to gather insights on customer preferences. You can analyze the interaction with your bots and your end user to also develop scripts for future interactions in the development of new bots.

However, it’s important to ensure all team members are on board and buy-in to the concept to ensure the design of future conversational interfaces are achieving the goals you set for helping your customers. That means clearly defining conversation flows, implementing role-playing and testing and leveraging prototyping tools to create interactive conversational interfaces and mockups that can help important stakeholders have a clear vision of the end product.

Deliver Value With a Conversational Interface

In a recent interview, Praya Ganapati, Vox Media’s Executive Product Director noted that it’s crucial to consider what consumers are getting out of the interaction they have with your bot. Your bot should be able to drive value to your end user. So, it’s important to think about what the payoff is when they use the voice assistant or chatbot you’ve designed. For example, if your chatbot is designed to help your target audience book flights, consider whether or not that interaction is helping users accomplish the task without taking up more time than if they searched and booked the flight by themselves online. Keep in mind that your voice assistants and chatbots have limitations. So, they can’t solve every problem at hand. Instead, focus on delivering an experience that drives value for your customers.

Final Thoughts

Engaging with your customers via chatbots and voice assistants offers promise for obtaining your outreach goals. But to take full advantage, you have to consider the different elements that drive value for your end users. By using these tips, you’ll create a conversational interface that helps enhance your audience’s experience and improve your outreach efforts. Looking to get started? Check out Botsociety to design a meaningful interface today. 


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Bianca Nieves

Digital Marketing Manager at Botsociety