On Wednesday, October 3rd, Botsociety hosted the third Voice UX meetup in the bay area. The event was held at the Google Launchpad in San Francisco and the turn out was great. We spent some time networking before hearing presentations from Andrew Ku, Conversation Designer at Google, and Meriç Dağlı, a Product Designer at LinkedIn.

Andrew spoke to us about looking at conversation design with an open mind. As the industry begins to shift into voice heavy experiences, he gave us a sneak peek of where these interactions can go in the future. He spoke of the pros of multimodal design and shared a few helpful examples and use-cases of why this approach to conversation design may be useful.

The audience had plenty of questions. We listened with purpose and shared some of the projects we’re working on as a part of the growing voice space. Next, Meriç Dagli came up to share some of the biggest findings he took away from his thesis project at Carnegie Mellon University.

Meriç spoke to the audience about designing for trust when working with conversational agents. He shared many new and interesting things about the e-commerce side of bots that we hadn’t really thought of before. It is easier for us to be forgiving of a human customer support agent because we know that human error applies. With conversational agents, the line becomes blurred and expectations begin to change drastically. We expect more from non-human entities.

Chaitrali B (@chaibhide) even sketched these amazing notes to summarize the insights Andrew and Meric shared with the audience. This is just the very beginning. We look forward to watching the Voice UX meetup continue to grow, and eventually, we hope to bring the Voice UX meetup to a city near you. Special thanks to our speakers and everyone that came out to join us.

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Bianca Nieves

Digital Marketing Manager at Botsociety