An all-new release of Botsociety is here with a bunch of features requested by our community! Let’s start with the biggest new feature—Twitter.

Twitter Bots

With this release, you can now design, preview, and prototype Twitter chatbots. This type of official Twitter chatbots can answer Direct Messages (DM) automatically. You can mock up the different types of messages and buttons available on Twitter while leveraging all the Botsociety features that you know and use such as Undo, Video Export, Interactive share, and more. Try it out and tell us what you think!

Introducing: Platform Converter

With the platform converter, you can transform your chatbot design from any platform to another. Design your interaction on a platform—for example, Messenger—and then convert it to a Google Assistant design. Botsociety makes it easy to perform all the small changes that will make your bot stand out on every platform. It gets particularly interesting if you transform your chatbot from a chat platform like Messenger to a voice platform like Alexa.

Folders Are Finally Here


Folders, one of our most requested features, are finally here! With this feature, you can organize your designs in multiple folders. It works just like you would expect and just like your designs, folders are shared across your team. Worried about losing sight of your mockup? No worries! The built-in search feature will perform the search across all of the different folders.

Curious? All of those features are available in Botsociety free!


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