By the time November rolls around, you’re already well into the holiday season, and it’s a great time to enhance your audience’s experience. You can get this done by applying a multimodal experience approach to your next conversational interface project. This approach provides a bot experience that leverages both visuals and voice, and your customers will thank you for it when you infuse it in your bot design. Here’s how you can use it:

A Multimodal Experience Makes “Impossible” Interactions Possible


Today’s users are utilizing multiple devices and sometimes all at once. From tablets to smart displays, there are several options for accessing the information you want. To get this information to your users in a useful way, it’s important to design an experience that helps interactions become possible. When you design your bot to interact beyond the typical messaging platform, you help enhance the experience for your audience. That’s because you are creating convenient ways for users to interact with your brand and business in ways that they may never have been able to before. For example, you can create a bot that interacts with users via their cars and have it pick up the conversation where the user left off when they use their phone.

It Offers Information in Different Formats

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Creating experiences that users find valuable is crucial for driving engagement that leads to customer loyalty. With a multimodal experience, you can achieve this. For example, you can use design your bot to use voice and visuals to provide answers in different formats. That means when your target audience asks your bot for a Thanksgiving recipe, the bot won’t just give back a textual reply. You can design it so that it can offer video responses and even provide a map to the nearest grocery stores that have all of the ingredients. This helps improve the experience your users have and deliver them valuable content they can leverage.

It Helps Streamline the Conversation


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When your users cannot get a natural response to a question they have or if they can’t get a task completed, this can create a poor experience. However, you can improve their experience by designing your bot with a multimodal experience in mind. For instance, if a user requests to order a specific brand or color of dinnerware for their Friendsgiving potluck but they don’t have the complete information they need, you can design your bot so that it responds naturally with relevant suggestions. The bot can even be designed to recognize if the user has an active device that can show a visual display if they are only using a voice assistant device. For instance, you can design the bot so that it answers via the user’s Echo device but directs the user to watch the Echo spot display for visual answers to her question. She can display a few options to help streamline the conversation so that the user doesn’t continue to ask questions to find an ideal dinnerware option.

Final Thoughts

From Google Assistant to Alexa, users have more ways to interact and get the items they want during the holiday season, and bots are something they are increasingly becoming thankful for. That’s because they are resourceful in fostering a multimodal experience. When you incorporate multimodal experiences in your bot design, you can enhance the experience for your users and drive loyalty. Check out Botsociety to learn more. 

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