We are excited to announce that starting today we are making changes to make Botsociety a bit more open. Now, all of our free users will be able to create unlimited projects and add create a team with as many members as they want. This is a big change from our previous plans, where we limited users on our free plan to one mockup and no teams. You can sign up to Botsociety here!

Ok, but why?
We started Botsociety with the mission of empowering creatives worldwide in imagining conversation interfaces. We feel that creating real, authentic conversations will be the future of user experience design.

In the last 10 months, we’ve worked hard toward our mission. We’ve released constant updates to the product every week including at least one major update every month.

Last summer, we announced Botsociety for Education, a program dedicated to providing Botsociety to university students who are innovating new ways to think about conversation design. More than 20 universities have already taken advantage of the program including Brown University, Carnegie Mellon and NYU.

We also started the VoiceUX meetup in the Bay Area. So far, it’s been a huge success, with hundreds of attendees and talks from UX designers both from startups and major tech players like Google and LinkedIn.

Today, we make another step in the direction of fulfilling our mission.

We believe that, by making Botsociety more open, we will help a new generation of designers in imaging the future of human-computer interaction. Together with you, we can democratize conversation design.

Sign up today to start designing for free!


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Vittorio Banfi

Co-founder at botsociety.io