Being able to save time is essential for any business — and bots are helping businesses do it. With Skype bots, you can help enhance customer engagement and improve efficiency and productivity in your work environment. Here’s how to use Skype preview and skype bots to get the results you’re looking for.

Connect With Co-Workers

Being able to discuss projects using multiple touch points is important for supporting team collaboration and enhancing productivity. By utilizing Skype bots, you can keep communication flowing despite the device each team member is using. For example, your team members can start conversations when taking a video call on Skype on their desktops, then finish them using instant messaging when using a Skype bot that’s created for collaboration on multiple devices. This capability helps drive efficiency and collaboration among team members. By using Skype bots, team members can stay connected beyond the boardroom.

Skype Preview Facilitates Group Conversations

Being able to have virtual meetings can help enhance team building and trust among team members who work remotely. However, when you’re limited with how group members appear on your screen, it can be distracting. Skype Preview makes it simple to promote team collaboration with group chats that can be customized. For example, you can drag and drop different group members into a virtual meeting and preview how it would appear before starting the meeting. This helps you save time when preparing for your meeting and makes group collaborations less visually distracting. Team members can even employ emojis using the in-call reactions feature during the conversation.

Engage Customers

Engaging your customers is important for driving sales, and video is increasingly an effective way to drive engagement. However, sometimes pre-recorded content isn’t enough. When customers have questions that need to be answered, they may easily click off the video if they don’t find the answer they need or see it in a forum that is next to your video. However, you can create a Skype bot that integrates and appears within the video to assist and engage your customers when they need help. With this functionality, you can enhance both efficiency and the customer’s experience.

Support Lead Engagement with Skype Bots

Being able to gather leads is essential to helping prospective customers turn into paying customers. However, not every person who asks a question is the best fit for your product or service. With a Skype bot, you can help qualify leads and help them take the next actionable step. Whether it’s answering questions about a product or service you offer or suggesting the right service that may meet their needs, you can use a Skype bot to support lead engagement so that you can get more qualified leads for your business.

Final Thoughts

With the efficiency that Skype bots bring, building one to facilitate business operations and to enhance the customer experience is vital to getting the most out of using this advanced technology. You can take Skype bot functionality to the next level by building Skype bots your team members and customers can interact with. While you can use a Skype tutorial to get this done, you don’t have to create Skype bots on your own. Leverage an advanced developer platform, such as Botsociety, to help build and design your Skype bot so you can make one that meets your business needs without requiring advanced developer skills.


Bianca Nieves

Digital Marketing Manager at Botsociety