Robot chat is cool and bots are helping businesses boom, from handling customer inquiries at any given moment to enhancing productivity in the work environment. Chatbot Evie, the ALICE chatbot, the mosaic text bot, and GrowthBot’s talking bot are just a few that have already stolen the show. These bots provided the framework for many of the bots most used today and are helping take business to the next level with personalities and capabilities that improve operational output and the customer’s perception of a company’s brand.

From helping patients book appointments with their doctors to assisting marketing team members with the management of their campaigns, bots help facilitate engagement and efficiency. Here are some popular bots that can help enhance the customer experience and work environment with a little personality and a ton of potential.


Business leaders often have to travel, but coordinating that travel can be complex. Enter Hipmunk: a useful robot chat or chatbot that helps you coordinate travel. You can plan a trip for a client and even request to find the best hotels or flights based on your preferences. Hipmunk also leverages natural language search to help produce the best results.

Mosaic Text Bot

Managing schedules is essential for any business leader, especially if you want to optimize leads and maximize sales. You can manage productivity with the help of a text bot, such as Mosaic. Mosaic leverages semantic search thoroughly so you can automate tasks. This popular bot also allows you to write commands, such as “good morning,” to signal when specific tasks should be executed, such as turning on the lights in the office in time for the first shift of workers. You can use it via multiple smart devices and on various platforms, too, such as Slack, Amazon or just using SMS text messaging.

GrowthBot, the talking bot

robot chat text bot talking bot alice chatbot chatbot evie
Facilitating productivity is the cornerstone of any business’s marketing and sales team. That’s why it’s vital to have tools that can save time and give valuable insights. GrowthBot helps businesses achieve this. GrowthBot is a popular talking bot that can help your business enhance productivity. It connects to multiple databases, such as Google Analytics and HubSpot, so you can instantly get answers to the questions you have. For example, you can use GrowthBot to get the latest updates on how well a blog post is performing based on data from Google Analytics just by asking.

Alice Chatbot

For superfast responses to customer inquiries, leveraging an A.L.I.C.E. chatbot (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) may be your best bet. There are different types of Alice chatbots, including the Alice that acts as a virtual advisor and is aimed at helping women entrepreneurs create businesses. There is also Alice the Chatterbot from Pandorabots, which helps you engage with customers and enhance the customer experience. There is even the yet-to-be-released Magic Mirror, which is drumming up much excitement among retailers. This smart mirror uses an Alice bot, which acts a personal shopper and provides shoppers with recommendations of what to wear or buy from various clothing stores.

Chatbot Evie

Eviebot is an innovative and multilingual chatbot. Eviebot also has a virtual avatar, which can add a human-like familiarity to the conversation or make the conversation more comfortable for your customers. Chatbot Evie also has the capability to organize meetings, which is ideal for scheduling across different time zones for global teams.

Final Thoughts

The creation of great bots like these requires leveraging the right tools and platforms that have the capabilities to help you design, plan and execute a bot that helps you enhance customer engagement or productivity in the work environment. Whether you opt to include a talking bot or a text bot as part of your strategy to boost productivity, you don’t have to create a bot on your own. Botsociety offers the tools you need to take your bots from prototypes to production.


Bianca Nieves

Digital Marketing Manager at Botsociety