The Botsociety team is very excited to announce that Google has invested in Botsociety as part of their brand new Google Assistant investment program. This investment will help us in our mission of democratizing conversational design.

We are particularly proud of the involvement of Google, as we’ve always admired their company culture, products, and strategy. We now have the unique opportunity of working together with the amazing engineering teams at Google.

With the new support we’ve received from Google, we’re looking forward to bringing new ideas and features to fruition. We’re committed to working to provide the most cutting-edge experience in conversational design. We will continue to communicate all of the new advancements being made within our company and the space as a whole. We invite you to come along on our journey. 

We’d like to take the time to recognize all of our early adopters. The individuals who pitched Botsociety to their team when we were really, really scrappy. This would not be possible without all of you. The Botsociety team thanks you.

As CEO, I’d also like to extend a special thanks to the Botsociety team, that worked to make this achievement possible!


Does this mean that you will support only the Google Assistant?

No. We will continue to support all the conversational platforms out there, as well as the Google Assistant.

Does this mean that Google has acquired Botsociety?

No. Google is investing as part of our seed round. We will continue to operate as an independent company.

Are you hiring?

Yes! Check out our careers page or drop us an email at if you’re interested.

Can you tell me more about the Google Assistant fund?

You can get all of the details regarding the investment in Google’s official blog post.

Is the press talking about it?

I’m glad you asked. Yes! Venture Beat, The Verge, Techcrunch, CNBC, and more have all chimed in on the conversation. Want to join in on the fun? Feel free to direct all press inquiries to


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