So you just bought your Google home device and you need to set it up? We came up with a very simple guide, from install to your first commands to Google home. Ready? It starts with the Google home app.

Download and set up

  1. Download an install the Google home app.
  2. Plug in your Google home device
  3. Connect your phone to your home WiFi.
    • Note: It’s important to connect your phone to the same WiFi you want to connect your Google Home to
  4. Open the app and select the Google account you would like to use
  5. Now your phone needs to scan and find your Google home device:
    • Android: Give permissions and scan for devices
    • iPhone: Remember to turn on Bluetooth. Once Bluetooth is on, scan for devices
  6. Devices found? Awesome! Otherwise check later When things go wrong
  7. Select your device and follows the 3 steps
    • You will be able to test with a sound, select your location, enter your Wifi credentials and your address
  8. Now you can set up additional services, like Spotify for your music. You can also do this later.

So now you are ready to use your Google Home! But what can you ask? Let’s try some things


After the set up: The first things to ask to your Google home app

This is the stuff I love to say just after I activated a new device:

“Ok Google, sing a song for me!”

You will be surprised by its singing capabilities.

“Ok Google, what is my name?”

Check if Google gets this right. You can always change this from your Google account.

“Ok Google, let me talk with Akinator”

This will trigger the Akinator genie Google home app. If you have never used Akinator on your phone, it’s a genie that will ask you a series of Yes/No questions, trying to guess the person you are thinking about.

When things go wrong with your Google home app

1. The app can’t find the device

That may be annoying. Check:

  • That your Bluetooth on your phone is on
  • That Google Home device is plugged in
  • That you are connected to the WiFI of your home

2. I can’t use my Google account

That may be depending on the security settings of your Google account. This happens for example if you try to connect a company account (G-suite). There is a procedure to unlock that but it’s very cumbersome. I’ll probably write a guide in the future, for now, I suggest asking the Google support team about this.

3. I can’t download the app as I don’t have space on the device

This may happen especially with Android devices. You will not need to always use the mobile app in order to use your Google home device. The app is more for the first time set up, plus if you want to tweak specific things down the road. So if you are in this situation, I would suggest removing some other apps to free space temporarily; install the Google home app; follow the instructions above; then remove the Google Home app and reinstall the apps you need every day. Just remember to back things up before uninstalling!


That’s it for today! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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Vittorio Banfi

Co-founder at