1. Messenger Discovery

Building a chatbot that is functional, of great design, and complete is only half the problem. Often, developers face a huge issue after the completion of their bot. They’re left wondering how to effectively promote their chatbot online without spamming everyone else.

chatbot online messenger Facebook released the Discover Tab at F8 2017 in hopes of providing developers with a new platform for chatbot promotion online. Users can submit their bots to be reviewed and potentially featured in the tab to gain exposure. There are a few things you need to know prior to being featured in the discover tab.

  • Keep a low block and report rate
  • High responsiveness = a better chance of being accepted
  • Utilizing all of the Facebook Messenger features will be most helpful

2. Buttons for your Chatbot online

chatbot online buttons

You possess more power than you may believe. It’s true, we live in a world where content marketing has become a force of its own. Paid advertising and similar efforts have completely re-worked the way we thinking about promoting our work.

One of the quickest ways to effectively promote your Chatbot is through the use of buttons. These can direct your audience to perform the action you’d like them to take, more quickly than ever before.

Considering a button similar to the Messenger buttons above to allow users to directly integrate with a specific platform. These are very important things to think about during the design phase of your chatbot.

3. Social Media

Okay. I know. This one seems obvious. As we venture into a world where the majority of our interactions and engagements have been paid for, many of us have tuned social media out entirely. The pay to play model has quickly gained popularity and it seems as though things won’t be changing anytime soon.

When promoting your chatbot online via social media, it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of your user. Think about the amount of content they’re engaging with on a daily basis.
How can you bring notice to the chatbot you’ve created, and how can you communicate to your audience just how using your chatbot will help them?

  • Keep it short
  • Identify the best times to publish content (Commuting hours)
  • Engage, don’t sell

4. Online Communities

With the rise of social media has also come a lot of good. We’ve opened the door to a number of new ways to collaborate and share ideas. A few years ago, if you had an amazing idea, you had to explore ways to bring it to fruition on your own. Staffing and finding the resources necessary seemed nearly impossible.

Now, there are Facebook and LinkedIn groups, as well as Slack communities popping up all over the place. Here, you can connect with individuals working in the same field as you. You can target your audience and join groups centered around their hobbies or even share something that you may have found interesting.

chatbot online groups

These groups are critical in promoting your chatbot online. This is one of the most organic ways to see new traffic and relevant users.  


5. Paid Advertising 

Lastly, if none of the above methods are working and you need to get things done quickly, you can always turn to paid advertising.

Currently, just about every social media platform offers some form of paid advertisement. Identifying your audience is the first step and that will allow you to pick the platform most utilized by your users.

From there, research paid advertising on the selected platform and a create a campaign that will target your users directly.


Bianca Nieves

Digital Marketing Manager at Botsociety