After spending hours creating, editing, and evaluating the different paths of your chatbot, you may find that you want a second opinion. Botsociety enables you to invite colleagues and friends to test your mockup with the user testing feature. As the designer, you’re given the option to share each user test via email, direct link or social media.

Don’t feel like reading? This tutorial is also available in video format, check it out below! Otherwise, keep scrolling.

1. Getting Started

To begin playing around with the new and improved user testing tool open up your chosen mockup. I’ve selected a mockup entitled FridgeBot which was designed to alert building tenants when certain amenities are out of order or food is running low.

Fridgebot with buttons

After adding a few different options and buttons we are now content with our design and ready to see how it performs for the rest of our team.

2. Sharing your design

user testingIf you’re content with your mockup, select the green play button to watch it for yourself. If you like what you see, select the blue “Test” button located directly next to the “Build” option. After clicking a screen similar to the one shown above should appear. Enter the number of users you’d like to have test your mockup and the date range that will work best for your project.

Test #1

Once you’ve determined the number of users that you want to review your mockup, you will be brought to the screen pictured above. Botsociety provides the option to share your test via direct link, email, or social media. You may also use any combination of the available options depending upon business need.

3. Starting the test

email user testIf you’ve followed all of the previous steps of this tutorial correctly, each user should receive an email similar to this one. If you’ve elected to use social media the user should receive a notification on the chosen platform. Instruct your colleague or friend to begin the user testing by selecting the “Test Mockup” button in the email. This will begin the next portion of our tutorial. The next steps are those that the people you invite to test your mock-up will follow.

original screen user testing

The “Test Mockup” button will bring your user to this screen. Instruct your testers to add the Botsociety extension to their web browser by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button.

botsociety extensionAdding this extension will allow Botsociety to record the screen and voice audio of their review.

If the extension has been added correctly the Botsociety logo will now be displayed in the toolbar.

Before we begin, be sure to allow microphone access for best results.

Lastly, click the “Start Test” button to begin the test.

4. Completing the user testing

Be sure to select your screen to begin the screencast from within the test to begin the recording.

Once they’ve completed the above steps the test should be ready to start. Click “Get Started” to begin.

Your mockup should begin to present itself. Your chosen testers will have the opportunity to make their own decisions. This will allow you to see the flaws in your design and fix them as necessary. It’s important that you don’t instruct the testers to complete the test in a certain way and allow them to navigate your mockup on their own.

When the user testing is complete, testers will be prompted to complete a survey. These details will be shared with you.

If the test has been completed correctly the above screen will be displayed indicating that the test is done. This is the final step for the user tester.

5. Evaluating Results

As each user test is completed you will be able to see the progress here. Each time a test is done you will be closer to your original goal. You can also invite additional people or review the partial results if all of the tests have not yet been completed.

When reviewing the results they will look similar to the screen pictured above. You will see the survey results along with a video of the testers screencast. You will also be able to determine at which point your design fell apart using the markers on the left side of your mockup.

Here’s what it looks like after more than one test has been completed. This process can be modified or adapted to best suit your individual business need.

That’s all for now! Head on over to Botsociety to sign up and get started designing and testing mockups of your own.


Bianca Nieves

Digital Marketing Manager at Botsociety