Today we are releasing three features that were highly requested by our community: Export for voice platforms, building mode and foreign language support. Let’s get into it!

Export Google Home and Alexa

It is now possible to export a full video of your Google Home and Alexa mockups. Just click on the export button and choose the option you would like. You can export a video that shows the device and the messages exchanged in written form. You can also export an audio-only version, useful for presentations and embeds.

Building mode

This is big. Building mode allows you to define the variables that were inserted in your conversational design.

Once a variable is defined, your development team can access the content of your mockups via API. The objective is being able to use Botsociety as a Content Management system, so that, if you change a word on Botsociety, you don’t need to do anything else to have your live chatbot to apply this change. This example shows a building mode for a Slack mockup. The building mode is also available for Messenger, Google Home, Alexa, and more

Advanced voice options

You can now define the language used in your voice interface. You can also change the type of voice used by the bot and the user. It just takes 3 clicks to change those settings and check how they sound!

Faster exports overall

This was very requested! We have reworked the back-office of our export engine, which is now much faster and scalable. You should always get your export in the first 10 minutes even during peaks of overall usage (Thursday evening anybody?). Let us know if that’s not the case.

That’s all for today. Please feel free to leave feedback on the comments down below! As always, you can sign up for Botsociety here. Happy designing!


Vittorio Banfi

Co-founder at