Need to get feedback on your chatbot? Have you thought of everything when it comes to defining your chatbot online user flow? Botsociety allows real-time interaction and commenting on your chatbot online after you’ve designed it. With this functionality, you can easily test your chatbot online with your design team, clients, or prospects. You can collect feedback, edit, and get final approval all without leaving the Botsociety platform. Getting great customer feedback is one of the critical components of success in your business. How do you do this? In the following tutorial, we will show you how to design your chatbot online and get feedback in real time.

If you don’t feel like reading, this tutorial also has a video version! Otherwise, keep scrolling

Design Your Chatbot Online

The first thing you’ll want to do is design your chatbot online. You can start by signing up for a free account on Botsociety. After you’ve logged in, you will see a choice of mockup design. For this example, let’s use Facebook. Choose the Facebook option on the first page and name your mockup. We recommend a name that will make it easily identifiable to whomever you will share it with later. Then click “Start Designing” to begin!

Start designing chatbot online

You are directed to the design page after you’ve selected your platform of choice. This is where you input the desired user flow. For this example, we will design a bot that helps a user choose their next vacation.

On the left, you will find the inputs for what your Facebook chatbot will say. On the right are the inputs for the user’s questions and comments. It is important to know what you want your user to say, and how you want your chatbot to respond. Planning this in advance will ensure the design process runs smoothly.

Travel Planner Chatbot Online Tutorial

In this example, we want our users to ask for advice on their next vacation, investigate the options presented by the chatbot, and then link to book a flight to the destination of their choosing. Ready to go? Let do it!

Start by typing the user’s first question to your bot. Once you’ve typed it, click “Add.”

Chatbot Online Tutorial Screenshot Chatbot Online Tutorial Screenshot 2

Incorporating Buttons into Your Chatbot

In the above example, we’ve used the “buttons” functionality to give the user three different options for a type to holiday they would like to experience. This then splits the user path into three distinct segments, based on the button that they push. When you move to the next stage of the mockup, you need to start with one of the three pathways to continue the experience. For this example, let’s go with “Tropical Paradise.” However, you will want to circle back and complete the user flow for all three options.

Carousel Function Chatbot Online Tutorial

Choose one of the three options from the button to continue the user flow

Carousel Chatbot Online Botsociety

You can use any functionality to continue the UX. In this example, we used a Carousel

Once you’ve chosen the path, you can then list out options by using the “Carousel” functionality. You can list as many or as few options as you wish. For this example, we listed three tropical destinations a user might want to review: Fiji, Maui, and Santorini.

Chatbot Online Tutorial Carousel Function

For each option, click on the “+” sign to choose a photo. Then name the option. After you’ve typed the option name, type what you want the user to do in each “button” spot beneath the photo.

Carousel Chatbot Online Botsociety Tutorial


For our example, we will give the user the option to book a flight, learn more about the destination, or browse hotels. For each of the three destinations, we have uploaded a photo, named it, and given these three choices.

Carousel Example Botsociety

After the user selects “Book Flights,” they can be directed to a flight booking engine. Using the “Webview” option, you can add an image and then include a link to the flight booking engine.

Webview Tutorial Chatbot Online

Completing All User Paths in Your Chatbot

When you are finished with this user path, you can finish the rest of the user flow for each button option. For example, scroll back up to the “Fiji” option and click the “Get More Info” button. You will see that the user path is still empty. Fill in the user path using whatever makes the most sense for your product. In this case, an article of Things to to Do in Fiji might make sense. Add a link as the response and click “Add.”

Or say the user wishes to browse hotels and get an idea of cost. Link to results for Fijian hotels within your chatbot.

If you prefer to have all options contained within the chatbot, you can easily list the top five or ten choices within the chatbot itself. For simplicity’s sake, we’ve linked to travel search engines.

After you’ve filled in the user path for each Carousel option, go back and complete the user flow for your other Buttons and Carousel options.

Once your chatbot has been designed, you’re ready to get feedback on it!

Getting Feedback on Your Chatbot Online

So now you’ve designed your chatbot to your liking, and you need to hear how others like it. How do you get this feedback? All from within the Botsociety interface, of course!

Step One: Test Your Chatbot Yourself

Before you send your chatbot out to others, test the functionality on your own. You can do this by pressing the green “Play” button in the top right-hand corner of the design interface.

Mockup Playback Chatbot Online

You can test each user flow you have designed using this tool to ensure it flows as you imagined it would when you designed it.

Once you’ve tested it, you can then share it for comments.

Step Two: Share Your Chatbot with Others

In the top right corner, next to the “Play” button, you will find a black “Share” button. Click on this to share with your team members.

Share Button Chatbot Online

A dialogue box will appear over your content. In the first box, there is an option to copy the link. You can copy this link, paste it into your email, IM, or another communication app, and send it out.

Share Chatbot Online with Colleagues

By toggling the “Interactive” switch to “on,” you can make your mockup interactive. This will allow the person you share it with to make their own choices out of the options you listed in your mockup. It is important to be sure that you have filled out all user paths before sharing your mockup, or the user flow will dead-end!

Share Chatbot Online via Email

If you would like to share via email directly from the Botsociety interface, input the email addresses in the box below the link. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma. Be sure to choose the level of access you want these users to have by selecting from the drop-down to the right of the email input field. If you don’t wish users to change your design, select “Can Comment” instead of “Can Edit.”

Once you hit “Share,” an email will be automatically generated to the email addresses provided. Your colleagues can then login, test the chatbot online, and provide comments or edit the chatbot, depending on their level of access.

Be sure to sign up for your free Botsociety account today to start using this great functionality for yourself!