Discord bots can be really cool. There is a lot of them that you can invite to your channels. That’s also the problem, isn’t it? Too many discord bots out there. I really like chatbots (and conversational interfaces in general), especially when they are well designed. So I thought I’d review what I think are the best discord bot out there. Ready?

Discord bot: Astolfo

discord bot: Astolfo

Astolfo is kind of cool as it can play a bunch of music. It’s perfect for players like me, that sometimes just want to chill with a turn-based strategy game for some time. I have to say the onboarding is not easy as it does not say much. If you ask for help, it will message you in private the complete command list divided by topic, which is nice.

discord bot: the Astolfo help command

My favorite command for him is to look for music on youtube. You can say stuff like:

@Astolfo music search eminem youtube

And he will return all the results, numbered. You just type the number you would like to play, relax and enjoy the music! If you add more songs, they will be added to a queue, automatically. That is really cool when you want to create a common playlist in your group.

If I had to improve the design of Astolfo, I would add a command like “Example”, in order to give an idea to users an idea of the available commands. I would also improve the onboarding, as right now it’s very, very minimal. It does not say anything!

Discord bot: SHAMEBELL

discord bot: Shamebell

This is a less common bot, but I just love it. Do you know the feeling when your friend teamkills you by mistake in CS:GO? Or when a friend crashes on you during a Rocket League game, preventing a goal? I mean, have you ever wanted to really shame somebody like in Game of Thrones? Then this is the perfect bot for you. Moreover, is open source! So if you want to check out the code, you can do that on Github.

If I had to point out a missing feature, is that I would like to shame somebody specifically. I would love to be able to tell the bot to shame a user and hear him shame that user. I may do a text-to-speech fork in the future. Let me know if you would like to see that!

Another good one: Pbot

discord bot: pbot

Pbot has a lot of miscellaneous things, but it’s well designed. Its onboarding is far better than Astolfo (sorry). As you can see above, it greets the team, explains how to change its prefix, and immediately pushes for an upvote on discordbots. Pbot can do a lot of stuff. I particularly like to able to check out the Bitcoin value by just typing:

]crypto value btc

For more serious and professional users, pbot can instantly share cute animals pictures. This is very important when you get killed at the start of a PUB game, and you want to cheer up:

discord bot: cheer up

Well, that’s it for today. Did I miss a cool Discord bot you would like me to review? Please leave it in the comments below and I will review it in part 2!

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Vittorio Banfi

Co-founder at botsociety.io