Cleverbot is a great chatbot. You should try it out if you are thinking about designing and developing a chatbot or a voice interface. It’s out there since a lot of time – the first version went online back in 1997! Since then, it has learned from all the users who interacted with it in the last years, which are now more than 200 million. It’s very fun to watch. You can try it here.

Since I’m passionate about conversational interactions, I’ve hunted the best and funniest questions you can ask Cleverbot. I’m sure there are more, but those are really funny! Let me know if you have more in the comments

Cleverbot I’m an alien

Pretend that you are an alien with Cleverbot. It will get along with it! You will also discover the true nature of the bot. Once it believes that you are alien, it will reveal you that it’s an alien as well!

cleverbot fist conversation

You can go on like this for a while. I was really interested in knowing how’s the weather on Mars!

Tell me a story

You can ask it to tell you stories. It apparently learned a lot of stories over time. Some of them involve Justin Bieber, for no particular reason!

Cleverbot stories

Do not get help with your homework

I’ve asked Cleverbot to help with math. It is available to help you out on a variety of topics.. but the answers are not always correct. If you actually need help, I would suggest to check out Wolfram Alpha instead. If you want to have fun, the Cleverbot output can be fairly hilarious!

Cleverbot helps you with the homework

The best long-form conversation

The best long conversation I’ve seen around is a vintage (2012) Pewdiepie video. He, of course, asks her out. You can imagine the rest! Here’s the video

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Vittorio Banfi

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