A Facebook Messenger bot to connect refugees with translators

Palo Alto, California

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So how did you come up with this idea?

The last 6 years of the refugee crisis in Syria and lack of translators on the ground to help.

How did you meet if your co-founders?

We’re roommates and best friends since we studied at MIT together

So in which phase are you in?

We launched! You can try it out at http://tarjim.ly

How is going so far?

In one week we had over 2,000 translators across the world sign up. Our goal is to have 100 sessions per day by the end of this year.

Why are you using a conversational UI? What are the advantages in your opinion?

It is much more intuitive for interpreting and translation than existing platforms and it’s already what refugees use regularly to stay in touch with friends and family.

Why are you designing your interface before actually building it? What are the benefits?

Being able to discuss and iterate with the engineers quickly is the biggest benefit, but also being able to A/B test ideas with users faster.

Did you design your conversations before Botsociety?

Actually, no. We are using Botsociety since the start! Even back when it had such few features it made selling the idea much easier.


Vittorio Banfi

Co-founder at botsociety.io