For our Startups series, today we are interviewing Jim Burke, COO of

So, what are you building?

The Inbestai chatbot platform allows Independent Financial Advisers to leverage artificial intelligence to reach more customers. Financial Advisers use Inbest to offer approachable, straight-forward advice to customers 24/7 in Facebook Messenger.

Where are you based?

Edimburgh, United Kingdom

What are you using Botsociety for?

Mainly for presenting to clients and stakeholders, and to iterate on the design

How did you meet your co-founders?

Our founding team has known each other for many years. Manu and Jim were flatmates in Barcelona during University that become great friends after taking a road trip in Morocco and later in California. Andoni worked with Manu on projects for large banks as a developer for Almis, a leading finance software provider in Spain.

In which phase are you in?

We are in closed beta. You can check out our prototype here on Botsociety

How is going so far?

We started working on the project in April and we are in production with beta customers. We are seeing a spike in interest around chatbots as the messaging platforms continue to develop. Even Katy Perry now has a chatbot!

Why are you using a conversational UI? What are the advantages in your opinion?

Chatbots are the perfect channel for financial services and fill the void left between personalized advice from a human and general answers from a Google search or website Q&A. Chatbots are especially good for confusing and boring topics like finance where you want a personalized response but don’t necessarily want to take time out of your day to wait on hold to talk to an agent. Plus, a bot provides a human touch but without judgement or confusing jargon!

InBest Logo

Why are you designing your interface before actually building it? What are the benefits?

Building a mockup on Botsociety allows us to easily share ideas internally and get quick feedback from clients on new features. We have something professional to show that looks great but only takes a couple minutes to put together.

Did you design your conversational interface before using Botsociety?

Yes! Before Botsociety we used pen and paper and Google docs.

And why did you switch to a dedicated tool like Botsociety?

Botsociety has streamlined our product design. Our dev team can easily understand the conversational flow as well as view the whole decision tree. The product also allows us to make great demos for clients.

The interview is almost over! Anything else you would like to add?

Edinburgh has been an amazing place to launch a chatbot company. We have been supported by a ton of great organisations including Entrepreneurial Spark RBS Fintech Accelerator, Bright Red Triangle, Royal Society of Edinburgh and received financial support from Scottish Enterprise. We also have a great start-up community and leading researchers in AI and conversational interfaces from the University of Edinburgh and the Data Lab.

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